500 gm tomatoes

CO2e: 4.70 kg (3 days 5 hours)

A bag of sugar

CO2e: 2kg (1 day 8 hours)

Per kg of white sugar

Tesco Lime Cordial

CO2e: 0.33 kg (5 hours)

Lime Concentrate …
Sea Freight …
Plastic Bottle 301 gm CO2 (43 gm plastic bottle at 7gm CO2e per gm)
Road Freight 30 gm CO2 (147 gm per tonne km * 200 km /1000 = 29.4 gm Co2e)
Sugar …

Litre of Milk

CO2e: 0.4kg (7 hours)

I have been in touch with Jamais Cascio <cascio@openthefuture.com> in America.
I read his article The Cheeseburger Footprint (http://www.openfuture.com) and it was so good
I asked him if he could calculate the footprint of a litre of milk.
Here is his very thorough answer. Check it out!

In order to fully calculate the carbon footprint of milk,
I’d need to have numbers on energy consumed in processing the milk
(pasteurization, bottling, etc.) and transportation;
beyond that, the main carbon impact will be from the methane produced by the cattle.
This calculation would be reasonably straightforward — a first pass estimate would be

(Amount of methane produced by a milk cow in a year) / (Amount of milk produced by a milk cow in a year)


(242 lbs of methane)*  / (19,951 lbs of milk)** = 0.012 lbs of methane per lb of milk

1 gallon of milk = ~8.5 lbs, so

1 gallon of milk = 0.102 lbs of methane


1 unit methane = 23 units of CO2 in terms of greenhouse impact, so

1 gallon of milk = 2.35 lbs of CO2 equivalent

Add in a pound of CO2 equivalent for processing and transportation (as a very crude figure),
and that ends up to be about 3.35 pounds of CO2 equivalent per gallon of milk.
Call it three-and-a-half pounds of  CO2 equivalent per gallon of milk.

Or, in metric:

1 litre of milk = 282 grams of CO2 equivalent in methane.
With transport & processing, call it about 400 grams of CO2 equivalent per litre of milk.

* Methane amount: http://www.epa.gov/rlep/faq.html (in kilos, 1 kilo = 2.2 lbs)
** Milk per cow: http://usda.mannlib.cornell.edu/usda/current/

3 litres Red Wine Box

CO2e: 1.3kg (20 hours)

106 gm Cardboard (*3.3) = 350 g
44 gm PlasticPackaging (at 7gm CO2e per gm) = 308 g
RoadFreight 3.15 Kg 1000 km/6800 km= 440 g
Agriculture 200g

Raspberries From Spain

CO2e: 0.30kg (5 hours)

needs revising

Baby Avocados from Chile

CO2e: 8.4kg (5 days, 15 hours)

White Grapes from Brazil

CO2e: 4.4kg (3 days)

200gm Unwashed Rocket from Italy

CO2e: 0.39kg (6.5 hours)

AgriculturalImpact 100g
FoodRefridgeration 100g
220g  RoadFreightCarbonDioxide to London (*0.21) 48g
20gm plastic (at 7gm CO2e per gm) = 140g CO2e
220g  RoadFreightCarbonDioxide fromLondon (*0.03) 6g

Extra Fine beans from Kenya

CO2e: 1.5kg (1 day)

200 gms Beans + 20 gm packaging

220 gms * AirFreightCarbonDioxide from Niarobi (*6.14) = 1350 gm Co2e
20 gms plastic packaging (at 7gm CO2e per gm) = 140 gm Co2e
220 gms * RoadFreight 200 kms (/6800) = 6 gm Co2e