A return flight to Cairo from Leeds

CO2e: 1,931.0kg (1287 days)

Return distance 7,427km at 210 gm CO2 per km
(Leeds/Bradford to Cairo and back)

A return flight to Prague from Leeds

CO2e: 642.0 kg (428 days)

Return distance 2,400 km at 260 gm CO2 per km
(Leeds/Bradford to Prague and back)

Return train journey from York to London

CO2e: 10.08kg (9 days 17 hours)

Distance York to London is 280 km

“Heat” by George Monbiot , (Penguin 2006) gives

p146. Quotes a parliamentary answer for Co2 from different modes of travel
from London to Manchester for each passenger

Car 36.6 Kg Co2 (1.56 passengers)
Train 5.2 Kg Co2 (70% full)
Coach 4.3 Kg Co2 (40 passengers)

Times Online http://travel.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,17471-1454744,00.html says

“Travelling from London to Manchester, a distance of 181 miles (290km), should
be straightforward but often it is not. ”

The above can be use to give values for Co2 per passenger kilometer

Car 126 gm Co2
Train 18 gm Co2
Coach 15 gm Co2

Is this optimistic for high speed passenger trains?

But this gives a resulting CO2 emmissions of 10.08 kg ( 280 * 18 g) * 2

Result: “CO2e 10.08 kg”

20 km round-trip to a retail park

CO2e: 4.0 kg (2.5 days)

Distance 20 km at 200 gm CO2 per km