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The average UK citizen creates 11 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide equivalent (CO2e)
a year. CO2e includes the effects of other greenhouse gasses as well as
the main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide.

New UK targets aim to cut this by 80%.

Reducing these 11 tonnes by 80% gives a ration of 2.2 tonnes per year.
This makes a daily ration 6kg CO2.

Dividing the ration equally between categories “consumables”, “building”, “transport” and “government”, allows 1.5kg per day.

The estimates below are for CO2e and amount of a 1.5kg daily ration.
This is expressed as a time (e.g. a quarter of a daily ration is given as 6 hours).

Mangoes and Passion fruits smoothie

CO2e: 0.29kg (2 hours)

Innocent Drinks have calculated the carbon footprint of a mangoes and passion fruits smoothie here:


They give it as 0.29kg.

1kg of potatoes from Lincolnshire

CO2e: 0.20 kg (3.5 hours)

Road freight 0.03 kg (147 gm per tonne km * 200 km /1000 = 29.4 gm Co2e)
Agricultural 0.10 kg (guessed)
Cling film wrapping 56gm (8 gm plastic film at 7gm CO2e per gm)

1kg of potatoes from Lincolnshire1kg of potatoes from Lincolnshire1kg of potatoes from Lincolnshire

Walkers Crisps

CO2e: 0.075 kg (1.5 hours)

Walkers have calculated the carbon footprint of a bag of crisps here:


They give it as 75g.

200g Corgettes from Kenya

CO2e: 1.79kg CO2e (1 day, 2 hours)

Food Refridgeration 100
Air Freight 1350
Agriculture 100
20g Plastic packaging(at 7gm Co2e/gm) 140
Road Freight 100

Result: CO2e 1.79kg