Carbon Footprint of Coach Travel

25 gm Co2e per passenger kilometer

Source1: “Heat” by George Mombiot , (Penguin 2006) (He gives other references)

p146. Quotes a parliamentary answer for Co2 from different modes of travel

from London to Manchester for each passenger by Coach 4.3 Kgs Co2 (40 passengers)

(Mombiot’s article “I’m all for putting more vehicles on the road as long as
they are coaches”
, Guardian 5dec2006 mentions “visionary economist”
AlanStorkey and his proposals on coach travel)


“Travelling from London to Manchester, a distance of 181 miles (290km), should be straightforward but often it is not. “

The above can be use to give vvalues for Co2 per passenger kilometer
Coach 15 gm Co2


Answers in kg co2

1000 Mj Electricity – 119
1000 Mj Gas – 53
1000 litres oil – 2690
1000 litres lpg – 1490
1000 kg coal – 2548

1000 km coach 50 kg