A desktop computer on standby for 16 hours

CO2e: 0.03 Kg (50 mins)

mrzonbu.wordpress.com says

“What I discovered, after the Kill-A-Watt was in place, is that my PC is sucking back 6 watts of power just idling in standby mode. Wow. Thats only mildly less than the low end (8 watts) of what PC Magazine said their Zonbu unit was drawing while in use.

“Put in perspective, it sounds like replacing my desktop PC with a Zonbu for the 80% of the time I’m using my PC for web browsing would allow me to cut my energy usage for that same period to 1/10th of my current load. Moreover, depending on what the standby load is for the Zonbu, I may be able to experience similar savings when in standby (most of the day while I’m at work and all through the evening).”

For CO2 from electricity we have 0.1 Kg per megajoule.

Assume large TV is 100 watts.  16 hours is 57600 seconds.
Electrical energy is 6 * 57600 joules or 0.345 megajoules.

This creates 0.03 Kg CO2.